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Webkinz Kid has a new blog called Wacky Webkinz! many people joined and every1 should check it out! also the winner 4 the prismetic chair is lanagirl so please add cipmaniac 2 your friendslist. oh and go to my comment contest in the post below!



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1000 HITS!!!

Ok heres the contest:

100- sandwhich table webkinz kid (add cipmaniac)

200- wishing well sarahEOLson (add cipmaniac)

300- sandwhich table sarahEOLson (add cipmaniac)

400- 5 of any of my pet foods tayo (add cipmaniac)

500- chiawawa chair funnymunky


can only win twice and no jiberish! also plz advertise!


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I have 993 hits so i only need 7 more! my grandmas taking me 2 get a webkinz 2day and if i get a free 1 i will giveaway that, my sandwhich table, and more exlusives and rares.

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guess wat, I GOT A LEPARD LIZARD AND A FROG! so now im giving away a prismetic chair! i got it with camo (my lepard lizard) and dont really want it so just put your username like this: my user name is cipmaniac9054.

more contests soon, cipmaniac9054

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my dad is bringing me, my sisters, and my 2 friends to stewarts gift peddler so we can get new webkinz! were trying to get there b4 5 so we can get a free 1 and i do im gonna give away the code on here!

well wish me luck, cipmaniac9054

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my sisters have been on webkinz 4 a long, long time and have about 30 webkinz each. My WHOLE family is playing webkinz. My coisin, step coisin and even my mom. anyway, every few days were gonna post about webkinz history. All the old items that kinda disapeared and stuff like that so all the newcomers 2 webkinz find out important info about webkinz world. Im gonna wake my sisters up now and tell them the idea.

Bye 4 now, cipmaniac9054

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because of earth day i have a little contest. the contest is… who can make the most “green friendly room” if  u win u get 3 green things from the w-shop.

Good luck and send it to

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im getting lots of hits so when i get one thousand hits i might giveaway a couple rare items

also coment 20 gets… THREE PAIRS OF GIFT BOX SHOES!

UPDATE:kinda cool...AWESOME!sweeeeetcooooolbest of all!

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i was checkin out the w-shop and when i went 2 new items i saw they added something like to every theme! isnt that weird? anyway they also made a new game and its like a sequel to hungry hog.

cya and ill try 2 post more often!

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Ok guys comment contest now!

20- easter eggs

40- potm chocolate ribbon

60-2 yellow lab foods

80- frutti tutti headress

100- 2 pairs of gift box shoes

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