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New Webkinz coming soon!

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I’m back!

hey guys my vacation was REALLY fun! I’m gonna probably have a contest tomorrrow.

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im leaving in like 5 minutes so cheekymonky i’ll send when i get back.

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the winner is… cheekymonkie444! I looked around my house for my superbed and i couldnt find it… but you get a POTM LIGHTHOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! add cipmaniac and if u dont add me by tonite your prize will be sent after I get home from vacation (july 1st)

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comment 170- RANDOM SUPERBED!!!!!!!!!!!!

rules: no jibberish, have fun!!!





their all kinda ugly  😉

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On the 20th im leaving to NYC to go on a cruise! So every1 who works here post a lot and maybe have a little contest.

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Winner of Contest is….

brusx18! Congratulations for winning the prize!

I did this fairly. I went on randomorg and did the draw straws. The shortest one won, which was brusx18.

And brusx18, comment here to claim your prize. If you dont claim your prize by june 20th, i will use it in another contest

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