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Ok all u have to do is advertise on 2 sites and then comment your username and the sites u advertised on. The contest is for an… EXLUSIVE TOADSTOAL TABLE!

                 Good luck!

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Octomber Releases

From Gymbo:


Pink & White Dog
Clown Fish
lil Kinz Hummingbird
Lil Kinz Trigger Fish

November Release: Emperor’s Dragon!

Every month now will feature 5 Webkinz and 2 Lil Kinz.

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I got a new webkinz!!!

I was at knobels (an amusement park) yesterday, and i got a rotweiler! Where i live, webkinz r $16 but for some reason, knobels was selling them for $12! I named him after my favorite ride at the park, phoenix. I’ll post pictures soon

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Webkinz World is temporarily unavalible!?

I just woke up like 2 minites ago and when i clicked begin playing it said webkinz world is temporarily unavalible! They r doing that WAY 2 much. I REALLY hope there putting in the kinz chat plus because I really need the red lava lamp!

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Lots of new stuff!

Obviously, everyone is interested in the fish and what happens in the rooms!
The water pets get a bubble on their head when they go to other rooms and vise versa, the other pets get a bubble on their heads when they go into a water room.
The best I could do is show you what the Goldfish and Manatee look like swimming!

And since we’re on to the pets, here is the info on the new pets!
First we have the Fan Tailed Goldfish! The food item is called “Daphnia Dafina”! The PSI is the “Fantail Table”!

Then we have the Manatee! The food item is the “Mangrove Leaf Manacotti”! The PSI is the Mangrove Treasure Trove”!

This is the pet from the Trading Cards Series 3.
It’s called the “Magical Retriever”  It has animated stars that radiate around it’s body! You can just see them in the second pic! The PSI is the “Sparkling Star Bed”! It’s food is called “Presto Pesto Pizza”!

NOW we get into the new Trading Card 3 items and the Series 2 Figurines!
First off, here are the 24 figurines and the items they give you through the codes! (click on pic to make bigger)

Here are the names of the figures and their items for this first group!
Ahoy Cheeky Monkey: Sailing Compass
At Your Service Penguin: Dining Out Table
Ballerina Husky Dog: Ballerina Mirror
Big Catch Bulldog: Baseball Bat Rack
Breaking News Cocker Spaniel: Webkinz Newz Newspaper Box
Chow Down Duck: Just Ducky Dishrack
Cowgirl Clydesdale: Cowgirl Wanted Poster
Dear Diary Leopard: Secret Dreams Diary
Fraidy Cat Lion: Moonlight Night Light
Hero-To-Be German Shepherd: Police Chair
Hoop Dreams Seal: Basketball Cooler
House Painting Hippo: Painting Overalls

Now the second half (click on pic to make bigger)…..

And here are their names:
Karate Cat: Stone Garden Lantern
Koala Archeologist: Backyard Dig Site
Lifeguard Googles: Oceanside Chair
Mach One Turtle: Desktop Antique Plane
Pink Picnic Charcoal Cat: Picnic Time Basket
Pop Groovin’ Gorilla: Platinum Record
Reindeer Runner: Digital Stopwatch Clock
Roller Pig: Skater Pig Poster
Super Shopper Yellow Lab: High Heel Chair
Swashbucklin Schnauzer: Deep Sea Locker
Tee Time Raccoon: Golf Ball Chair
Three Cheers Tiger: Pompom Bean Bag Chair

NOW, we get into the Trading Card 3 items!
Here is what I have on that so far!
This furniture theme is called the “Trading Card Condo” furniture!
Here is a list of the items in order (just put “Trading Card Condo” in front of each name!
Coffee Table
Dining Chair
Dining Table
Toy Box
Side Table

Here are the new Trading Card Clothing Items:

You just put “Trading Card Collector” in front of the following names!
Button Coat
Capri Pants
Cropped Jacket
Classic Capri
Flip Flops
Bunched Pants

There’s a large bunch of new Posters that I believe will be available through the Series 3 trading cards!
Here they are:

And the names…
Charm Forest Poster
Cheeky Monkey Poster
Chicken Poster
Chortletorte Poster
Crocodile Poster
Fred Rover Poster
Goldfish Poster
Monkey and Monkey Poster
Ms. Birdy Poster
Puppy Patrol Car Poster
Whimsy Dragon Poster
Witches Bathtub Poster

Now, I have some new clothes that will be available!
The Mod Jacket is already found in the W-shop!
Here are the new clothes:

And the names:
Mod Jacket
Polo Dress
Pop Rock Princess Hat
Snowboarding Jacket
Red Dotty Party Dress
Pop Rock Princess Shirt
Pop Rock Princess Skirt

And finally, I have some new items that look like they might be a new theme to be found in the W-shop!
I’m not really sure where these will be available at! They could be part of the trading cards too!
I just don’t know!
They are all related to Webkinz Characters!
Here are the images:

Here are their names:
Amanda Panda Chest
Chef Gazpacho’s Place Setting
Dr. Quack Bed
Dr. Quack Side Table Lamp
Ms. Cowoline Reading Chair
Fred Rover Coffee Table
Fred Rover Sofa
Monkey & Monkey Banana Tree
Monkey & Monkey Banana TV
Monkey & Monkey Balloons
Ms. Birdy Home Sweet Home Cross Stitch
Ms. Birdy’s Tchotcke Shelf
Plumpy Plush Doll
Plumpy’s Chair
Plumpy’s Writing Desk

The images above are not complete! I found these listings, but no pics!
I’m sure they will go with the group above. Here are the names of the missing items:
Quizzy Dining Table
Quizzy Dining Chair
Arte’s Clock
Arte’s Azure Zingoz Photo

Working on EStore pictures for the new items…..

Moving Statue (click on pic to make bigger)

Four Season’s Tree (click to make bigger)

New Pet of the Month Items. Jelly Beans Seeds and Lava Lamp Column

Here’s the close up of the lava lamp column. It is pretty big (column size)

All of this info is from webkinz kid

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Kinzchat plus taking awhile/ Contest winners

Im very impatient, but dont u think ganz is making kinzchat plus VERY slow? If its not up in like 2 weeks im gonna contact them.

Ok, the comment contest is over even though all the prizes arent won because its going REALLY slow so if u won a prize comment here.

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Note To Magia/ Second Wacky Zingoz Trophy!

Magia, if u dont add me by tommorrow im going to have to send the prize to the second place winner. my username is cipmaniac.

Im soooooooooooo happy I finally got my second Wacky Zingoz trophy! It fits PERFECTLY in my exercise room.      

Update: Thx webkinz kid for the picture


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Big News!

Heres the note from gymbo- we will be seeing a beach type of theme with a location called Coral Cove (makes sense with the goldfish and manatee being introduced) There’s a Vacation setup wich includes a “souvenir shack” and “postcards”.

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Poem contest winner!

the winner is… magia! im gonna send your prize tommorrow because im going to sleep in like 5 minites. heres her poem:

I love my webkinz pets
yes i do i do.

i love them without regrets
its true its true its true

you adopt them onto a virtual place
and when i adopt, you should see my face!

of course, i am happy with glee
when i play with my webkinz family!

magia, add cipmaniac.

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Comment Contest!

1- retired pet food!  Webkinz kid

10- retired pet food!  Webkinzknowitall (add cipmaniac)

50- alyssa cookie! (from the star challege)

150- googles ice sculpture!

300- pink poodle psi!

350- trading card series 1 dragster poster!

360 to 400- trivia!

remember no jibberish and u can only win twice (exept for the trivia)

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