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New rare theme!

Look out for the new rare theme!!!

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Fall Fest Starts and Prizes

I got this information from WI

Items making their second appearance for Fall Fest 2008 so far include:                                                    The Decorative Wheat Sheaf
Harvest Time Poster
Potted Elm Tree
Autumn Sunset Toque
Hot Apple Cider
Pumpkin Soup

Items from last year that have yet to be seen in 2008 are:
Corn Husk Doll
Maple Leaf Sweater
Harvest Fruit Hat
It also seems as if the leaves come on a 2 minute cycle…correct me if im wrong

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Spinneretti Solved!

On the stove, use green grapes, pumpkin, and waffles to make this sppooookkkyyy halloween treat!

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Fall Fest!

Hey everyone! Fall Fest is coming up on webkinz. Starting September 18, you can start hunting for floating leaves and Click Click Click!

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Halloween Theme!

Hey everybody plz rate my new theme!

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The Winner Is….

Drumroll please….badadadadadadadada (is that how a drum sounds?)

The winner is iluvwebkinz96! Your dream of winning a contest has come true! Anyways, this contest was fair. I used the random org list randomizer and the username on #1 was iluvwebinz96!

Congrats! And is iluvwebkinz96 your real WW username? If not, plz tell me

and i know it was early, but i cant get on tomorow

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The food comment contest didn’t work out so well, so here’s a new and very easy contest. All you have to do is enter your webkinz world username and you could win….3 Love Frog PSFs, 3 American Cocker Spaniel(retired)  PSFs, and 3 Dalmation (retired) PSFs! This contest ends on September 13, 2008.

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