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Please donate!

Hi this is myprints! Im not going to be here this weekend so if u want to donate send to funnymunky. Funnymunky’s username is funkfrogz. Look at the post below for more details. As u know, we r having a contest february 6th through february 14th. The contest is going to have pink, white, and red items like it says on the post below. For Valentines day there is going to be a new estore dino. So if u like the dinos maybe you’ll like this dino. Idk what it looks like though.      pink_googles                   BYE BYE!


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Please Donate For Upcoming Contest!

Hey everyone! It’s funnymunky here. I know I haven’t posted that much but I’m here to ask something special from all of you guys!

Myprints, Aanp, and I are planning to do a Valentine’s Day contest, except that it will be going on for probably a week and a half. We are all asking that every person who visits this blog donate one pink, red, or white item (it can be w-shop, curio, or rare/exclusive) for the contest. All you have to do is add myprints, aanp, or funkfrogz and you can send it to one of us. Thanks!

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Hey! :)

Hey I know Myprints did a post a bit ago, but I feel like posting!

Don’t you think the dolmino cat is so cute and cuddly! I’m defently going to get it!

Bye aanp

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Hello everyone!

ok every week we will start a new post. sometimes maybe sooner if we have fantastic news r a contest! there is a new theme that came out a week or so ago. sorry i havent posted in awhile!!! as u all know there is a new game too and im horribe at it!!! we wi have a contest probaby in february.

Bye myprints


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manatee1ok we made some polls and found out a lot of people like the clubhouse, the wcares bear, the snowman, psis, and a lot of people have 21~50 webkinz. THE MOST FAMOUS POLL ON OUR BLOG IS: What Is Your Fav Place On Webkinz World.  


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