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Hi Again With An April Fool’s Day Contest

Hello! 🙂 this is aanp!

We are gonna have a poem contest for this wacky day! 🙂


Has to be about April Fool’s Day and webkinz

Add aanp if haven’t

No bad wordz

more than 4 sentences

I will read all the poemz and put them in a hat. We will have 3 prizes.



Ok let’s let the fun begin!

First Prize~ chi chi chair (LOL)

Second Prize~ Ribbonz and bowz tree

Third Prize~ Breaking Newz Figurine (NOT CODE OR ITEM)


Remember for a chance to win a golden retriever psi send the new adminz  a gift or note.

Thankz Aanp! 🙂

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Ok people who won the beach contest:

1st place winner~neon plant~  Room 1, KinzGramAtHeart’s Room SENT

2nd place winner~ pool tgg poster~ Room 2, (Room 2, 3, and 4 were tied)  Joshua & Rob’s Room SENT

3rd place winner~ another pool tgg poster~(Since they were tied) Room 3, Princess’s Room SENT

4th place winner~ I dont have another pool tgg poster 😦 so w pond~ Room 4, Momskinz’s Room SENT

People that didnt win get w~shop sun glasses.

Sorry prizes changed. Congratz to the winners. I will send prizes on Monday or Tuesday. 

Here is my webkinz dressed. Pretty Random.



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Hey! (sorry if I can’t post)

Hey guys!!! It’s me Tillie from and !!! I am SOOO glad to work here!!! I’ll be making a great contest REALLY soon!!!


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Important Post!!!!!



Hello this is Myprints & Aanp and we just got 2 more adminz!!!!! YAY!!!!!!! Welcome Webkinzlover12 (Patsie) & Tillie!!!!! Let’s have a mini contest:

I’m giving away a GOLDEN RETRIEVER PSI!!!!! All you have to do is send our new adminz a special gift or note! Then comment here telling me you did, and I will put all the names in a bag and pick a random person!!!!! Tillie’s username is Tilliewager910 and Webkinzlover12’s (Patsie) is Patsie.


Please add the new adminz

Be Honest

No bad wordz on this post

This contest endz Thursday, April 2nd


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Voting For Beach Room Contest!!!

Everyone VOTE, VOTE & VOTE!!!

If you weren’t able to participate in our contest by making a beach room, you can still help us by VOTING!

One vote per person please, and if you entered a beach room vote for someone else’s.

Prizes will be sent tomorrow most likely. Tell us if you like a room by saying Room 100 or so.

If you have voted on the other post vote here those votes on other post won’t be counted.

Look on post below to see the BEACHTASTIC Rooms.

Remember be happy for the winnerz even if you’re room isn’t ranked first, second, or third.


Aanp 🙂



                                                                                                                        Kinz Klips!

Caring Valley pets

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POST!!!! Room Contest!!!


 Room 1

joshuas-beach-room-21  Vote!!!!

Room 2

beachyroom1 Vote!!!!

Room 3


momskinzbeach1  Vote!!!!

 Room 4




 Room 5


Room 6

Hi again this is myprints! At webkinznews there is a butterfly estore pet contest. GOOD LUCK! I havent entered any of the contests. Here is a pic of some upcoming webkinz. (I couldnt get a pic of the contest and butterfly)



Ok here is the room contest! Your room theme has to be beachy! It doesnt have to be from the w~shop beach theme but it has to look like a beach. Aanp and I will be picking our favorite room. Please send your rooms to 

This contest will be held between Sunday March 22~Sunday March 29.


1st place winner~ neon plant (add aanp)

2nd place winner~ Pool TGG Poster (add aanp)

3rd place winner~ Flip Flops (I think from vacation place) (add myprints)



Please add myprints and aanp

No bad words

Please be nice

Please ONLY send an email to us if you want to win a prize

Please remember the date of which this contest ends

HAS TO BE BEACHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We have done many contests and this is the finale! Have fun decorating!!! 😛

Important~I will send the prizes on Sunday!

Vote please! The number of the room is under the picture!!








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Hi! Some newz!

There are some new exclusives! A big gift box, shoe racer, bumper car, and webkinz day counter. they are all 15 wish tokens  in the wish factory.

Here is a small giveaway~

Comment 18~ Wcares candy bar (Tillie)

Comment 30~ Large Pane window (Kraftymomof2)


Please put your wwid in your name

No bad words

Be nice

3 words per comment

Have fun!! 🙂 

This contest ends on Sunday night. I will send prizes by Monday.

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Hello! Post after Contest!

Hello this is a post after our jumbo contest! Now this is a smaller contest. It is a poem contest with the theme of~ aliens or space!!!


The prize for the most creative poem is a~ flying saucer!  (WINNER IS TILLIE)

The poem has to rhyme and it has to have more than 3 lines long. It can be about anything in space and make it kooky! (LOL Not too kooky though)



Don’t make fun of any poems

No bad words

More than 3 lines in poem

Has to rhyme


This contest ends on Saturday! I will send the prize by Sunday. BYE! 😛

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New Post! Irish Contest!

Ok this is myprints and I still have to send prizes (lots more!) but im doing another contest! Its gonna be another comment contest.  I want to have everyone get a prize. 

 Here it is~

Comment 16~ Charm Forest Wall Paper (Webkinznotes) SENT

Comment 38~ Yin Yang Blossom (Webkinznotes) SENT

Comment 64~ 1000 kinz cash coin (Webkinznotes) SENT

Comment 82~ Holiday Sno Cone (Some estore reindeer food) (Webkinznotes) SENT

Comment 102~ Terry Robe (kinz style) (Catlover) SENT

Comment 146~ elephant fountain (Kinzgramatheart) SENT

Comment 162~ spacefighter (Catlover) SENT

Comment 186~ blue wagon (Catlover) SENT

Comment 206~ magic carpet (Alisha) SENT

 Comment 269~ golden retriever psi (add cipmaniac) (Princess) SENT

Comment 301~ gold safe (add cipmaniac) (Princess) SENT

                     400 Cause I commented on 399

Comment 399~ Chair Of Clubs (add cipmaniac) (Kinzgramatheart) SENT

Comment 455~ Crown Me TrophyPedestal (add cipmaniac) (Alg) SENT

Comment 499~ Green Frog Psi (add cipmaniac) (JD) SENT

Comment 551~ toucan psi (add cipmaniac) (Kinzgramatheart) SENT

Comment 598~ Clydesdale psi (add cipmaniac) (Alg) SENT

Comment 666~ Checkered Past Toy Box (add cipmaniac) (Kinzgramatheart) SENT

Comment 771~ Lunar Lugbotz Poster (add cipmaniac) (Kraftymomof2) SENT

Comment 829~ Nafaria Poster (add cipmaniac) (Princess) SENT

Comment~ 899~ Knight Of Round Armor (add cipmaniac) (Kraftymom) SENT

Comment 945~ Medival Dining Chair (add cipmaniac) (Kraftymomof2) SENT

Comment 989~ Spring Celebration Shoes (add cipmaniac) (Kraftymomof2) SENT

Comment 1,000~ Let Me Help You Poster (add cipmaniac) (Kraftymomof2) SENT

Comment 1,013~ Cash Cow Trophy!!!! (add cipmaniac) (Kraftymomof2) SENT


3 or more comments in each comment

be nice to each other


Oh and I will send prizes by Friday cause I still have to send the other prizes. This contest ends Friday.

We Want To Finish This Contest Soon 4 MORE PRIZES! 🙂

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Hello Its Myprints Again! Weekend Contest!

Ok here is a contest for the weekend! This comment contest you have to say WEEKENDS ARE THE BEST AT THE BEGINNING OF EVERY COMMENT! If you dont you will still get the prize (to be fair) but please still say weekends are the best. Ok so here are the prizes and the winning comments.

Comment 4~ solar pants, solar jacket, and solar boots (winner Tillie)

                     13 Cause I commented on comment 12

Comment 12~ monkey and monkey top (thanks for donating Kraftymom) (winner Tillie)

Comment 18~ kangaroo psi (winner Tillie)

                    29 Cause I also commented on comment 28

Comment 28~ ice tree (from winter 09 i think) (winner Tillie)

Comment 36~ w~shop book set (the best present storybook, does the caged singoz sing, kinzville caper) (winner Tillie)

                     46 Cause I commented on 45 again

Comment 45~ jelly beans and birthday cake (winner Tillie)

Comment 58~ chocolate ribbon and charm candy (winner Tillie)

Comment 64~ blue webkinz pet coat (kinz style) (winner Tillie)

Comment 73~ 2 zen chairs (w~shop) (winner Tillie)

Comment 87~ hummer (winner Tillie)

Comment 95~ w~shop usher statue (movie theme) (winner Tillie)

Comment 100~ valentine chocolates (winner Kinzgramatheart)

Ok so comment away!



REMEMBER say weekends are the best at the beginning of each comment

Be nice

Have 3 or more words in each comment


Prizes will by sent by Thursday (probably earlier but it depends) and the contest will end Sunday.  Bye and have a great time!

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