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Colorful Contest

Ok here is another contest!

Ends at 500 comments!

You have to say a color in your comment and I will send you a prize that is that color.

I will pick the comments by scrolling down and stopping on a random comment. (I might stop a bit in the middle but then keep going)

There will be 5 (now 5 not 10) winners.


No bad words

No fighting

Be appreciative

No advertising

3 or more words in each comment

Have fun!


 Please don’t put a weird color so I can’t send you a prize.



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Posting LOL

I’m bored…… alg we will send ur prize soon sorry for the delay! Please keep coming here and have fun with us!


Congratz Kraftymomof2! You won 3 choco eggs and two tees! Did your daughter get the lip gloss code from the switcharoo contest yet?

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OK here is a small comment contest to get the views up!


Comment 20~ Royal Red Carpet

Comment 40~ 3 chocolate eggs

Comment 60~ good fairy & bad fairy tees

Thats all for this contest. Sorry they aren’t the best but a just did a tiny contest.


No complaining

Be nice

No bad words

3 words min per comment

Have fun!

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We are changing our blog layout and header and widgets plus more! I hope you like the new look!

I saw a pet and thought maybe it was the buffalo. But I guess it could be the brown cow. Anyways here it is:

Buffalo are not

Here is a webkinz pictures I did:

Cheeky Buddy Friends


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Winnerz For Cool Contest!

Here are the winnerz!

KraftyMomOf2~ Good Fairy Tee and Wheel Tee

Famous Fashion Queen~ Red Carpet and Sundial

KinzGramAtHeart~ Gift Shoes and Rice Paper Divider

Princess Blue~ Elephant Fountain and Aztec Chair



(code: blueberry lip gloss)

Congratz Everyone!

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Thanks Everyone!

Everyone who particapated in the contest will recieve their new items! Thanks!


Here are some cute pictures 🙂





Aanp 🙂

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Switcharoo Contest!!!!!!!!

Ok here is the contest! It is differnet than the usual comment contest. Webkiinzcontest’s has a great idea! 🙂 It is that everyone sends her an item or a few and she can use them for contests. Well this is a little bit different. You send me and aanp an item. It can be any kind of item on webkinz! I will then put them in my dock (nothing much in it) until the sending is over. If there isnt an equal amount of items aanp or I will add one in. I will put the names of each item and the name of the donor in a hat. I will mix them up and take one out. For example, if I was wondering which item would go to aanp (remember example) I would take her item and name out and grab someone else’s. Then I will keep on doing the same until there is nothing left in the hat. Then I will send the item I grabbed out for you and send it to your webkinz account. 😀 A bit confsing eh? Every donor will recieve an item back. Please send your item to kakpkakp and dont send them to our main accounts. This will get confusing to us.

If you follow all the rules and participated I will put your name in a hat. I will pick one donor and they will recieve a code. Please email me at . Don’t expect you will get the code because many people will be wanting it too!!! Don’t email me or aanp junk emails or spams.


1 item per person

Do not say bad words

Be polite

Be appreciative

Do not complain about the item you recieve (Thanks Kinzgramatheart for the new rule)

No fighting (Thanks again!)

****Webkinz isnt working so I wont be able to accept friends requests right now****

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Ok I am pretty sure that Pet 1 wins! Here are the resultz I got:

Pet 1(Webkiinzcontest’s)= 4 votes

Pet 2 (Alg’s)= 2 votes

Pet 3 (Tillie’s)= 1 vote

If I got the results wrong plese tell me on the Official Voting Post.

Webkiinzcontest’s gets a glam boutique sign! Congratz! Please add me by Friday. I am not sure if I have you.

I will post the contest later!


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Official Voting Post

Here is the official voting post:

You can not vote for your own pet. Please be nice to everyone. Only 1 vote per person.

Here are the pet pictures:

Pet 1

My Entry (3)

Pet 2


Pet 3

My clothes entery

We will have a huge comment contest when the voting is finished! The voting will be closed on tuesday.

Myprints & aanp

Goodnight 12:00 a.m. here 😉

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The Contest Isnt Finished

The style contest isnt finished yet. I am posting because I couldnt put up one of the  pet pictures so I am wondering if I have too many pictures on that post but the other post had more. Idk let’s just see if it works!

 Pet 1

My Entry (3) 

Pet 2


Pet 3

My clothes entery

I know the numbers of the pictures changed a bit but please go by these picture numbers and not the other post’s.


Voting starts Sunday!!!!

Myprints & Aanp

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