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Its giveaway time!

I am giving away an elephant psi!

To win the psi you have to find out what animal I’m thinking of today, June 29th

Look for clues on my blog and here is a clue:

The animal has fur


Everyone gets 3 guesses

Be nice

Don’t fight

And only comment on this post if you want to be apart of the giveaway!

Have fun!




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Here are the winners:

Comment 70-striped shorts- Littleleaf (aanp’s prize)

Comment 154-rainy day window- Littleleaf (waiting for friends request)

Comment 265-panda psi- Flowiing  (aanp’s prize)

Comment 345-mary jane shoes & blue blouse- Flowiing (SENT)

Comment 489-black & white cat psi- FamousFashionQueen (SENT from kakpkakp account)

Comment 534-blue wagon- Kraftymomof2 (aanp’s prize)



If you aren’t interested in being a worker comment on the contest below but if you want to be a worker please comment a comment here letting us know and of course after that go on commenting on the contest. We deleted the workers we had because they never came on.

So if you would like to be a worker this is what you must have in your comment:

Your username

Your email

You must have visited this blog like at least 2 times before

Promise that you would visit at least 1 time every week (its ok if your on vacation or something)

Why you would like to be a admin

You have to donate for contests

You have to post often


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Thank You Contest

This is a thank you contest for everyone that visits here. I hope you guys enjoy this contest! This contest will have a theme to it besides me saying THANK YOU!!! 😀 Every prize I give out will be blue!

Comment 70~ Striped Shorts

Comment 154~ Rainy Day Window

Comment 265~ Panda Fridge

Comment 345~ Mary Jane Shoes and Blue Blouse

Comment 489~ Black and white cat psi

Comment 534~ Blue Wagon


No bad words

No complaining

Be nice

3 or more words in each comment

No advertising

Have a nice day! (no blue days)

                                                          News Update~ (This news is from gymbo’s blog and I had an admins permission to take a few months ago)



The leopard is August’s POTM


mocha pup






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Guys were got 1 comment on the contest so its closed now.
We really have to get our hits up like we lost them some how cuz we just got like 500 comments ?? I guess I’ll go advertise cuz maybe thats why 😕

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Lucky Winner

A very lucky winner will win a prize all you have to do is COMMENT!!!!

Comment to 150


Add me (myprints)

No complaining

No bad words

No advertising

At least 3 words in a comment

This contest ends on Saturday

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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Contest Is Over

I will post the winners as I go!! We also need a worker that will post often and comment and help out a lot!



Kraftymomof2~ Yellow & Pink (Lioness Psi & Dex Space Fighter) SENT!!!

Kinzgramatheart~ Silver (Knight Of Round Armor) SENT!!!

Webkinznotes~ Yellow (Dex Space Fighter) SENT!!!

Naki~ Green (Schnauzer Psi) (I will send tomorrow!!!)

Sorry if I didn’t scroll down that much. Sometimes I made some mistakes like landing on my name or my cursor was on the side or someone didn’t put at least 3 words in their comments.

Myprints 😀


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