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Aanp and I decided we are going to quit this blog but still go on webkinz blogs! Its just that if we had more visitors we could chat and have more fun but when you host a contest and 5 days later nobody has commented you might get annoyed or frustrated. Its not anyones fault its just that myblog isn’t that popular right now. If the hits suddenly go up I probably will still quit because I know that it will go down again. Sorry if you r mad that another person is quitting their blog. Maybe I will check in once in awhile since I like to check up. I’m going to go on webkinz blogs still just not this one. I can’t say I’m not growing out of webkinz. I just like chatting with people. Everyone is soo kind. So I won’t quit webkinz becasue maybe sometimes its fun. BUT the best part is just commenting and chatting. It was fun to have this blog and make contests but I’m afraid its over now. But I will still comment on other blogs and chat with you guys! And just so you know I’m not quitting webkinz just not liking them as much. But since I LOVE visiting the blogs I’m not going to stop webkinz blogging. Well thats enough for well this blog. And I’m sorry to say BYE myprints and aanp’s blog………..

I know we own a great blog but I think I am choosing the right decision

Here are the stats so you know how much they dropped. I know this isn’t our lowest point but oh well.



Maybe I get hits but I still might not get comments sooo it doesn’t look like I’ll be staying. Maybe later on I will come ack. Sorry everyone! 😦



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Don’t know what to do

Our blog isn’t doing well right now and I don’t know what to do. I love blogging but this blog doesn’t get that many visits. I would still be at gymbo’s and my other blogs. Maybe my other blogs don’t get that many views but for contests I need views. 😦 sigh Should I quit or not?

If I do quit you will see me at other webkinz blogs and my blogs:

Aanp and I both own Hearts4Horses! I own warriorsbrambleclaw (BrambleClan) and Aanp owns warriorcats101 (WoodClan)!

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Contest Failure & GREAT NEW CONTEST !!!!!

LOL the contest didn’t really go that great so its closed. some people didnt use up all three guesses tho. ok so maybe i’ll have another giveaway-

just comment bellow with 2 links to 2 blogs that you advertised for our blog for. please dont do some random blog thats not webkinz. you can do them for something not webkinz but it has to be reasonable not like something really random lol. i will put everyone’s name in the hat 1 TIME for both links. to make it fair please do 2 links no more no less. i will ppick from a hat.

i will pick from a hat.

the prize will be the elephant psi. then i will pick another name for a brown arabian psi.


comment 2 links to 2 blogs that you advertised for our blog on

be nice

no advertsing LOL

no complaining

have fun 😀

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These are cool water proof shorts for boys:

Aanp 🙂

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