Myprints wants: purple lava, red lava, love puppy psi, sherbet bunny psi, pink bunny ears, white bunny ears, blue & white clock, WZ jeans, cheeky dog psi, cheeky cat psi, pegasus psi, plumpy glasses, reindeer ears, lamb psi, brown dog psi, albino horse psi, floppy pig psi, parakeet psi, orca psi, grey langur psi, otter psi, hedgehog psi, spotty dino psi, love dino psi, swan psi, sig panda psi, butterfly psi, spring bunny psi, blue googles psi.

Clue 3

the animals have 4 legs

Please ask!



Myprints Haves: balloon and ribbons tree, daredevil superbed, salon sink, goldfish psi, hound psi, purple goldfish psi, ice cream tree, caramel lion psi, rainbow table, groundhog psi, gold white cat psi, mouse psi, brown grandfather clock, unicorn psi (i think on hold), medieval chest, 2 black white cat psi, bull dog psi, chi chi psi, panda psi, golden retriever psi, medieval coffee table, wading pool, yellow gift box, stallion psi, terrier psi, elephant psi, reindeer psi, go go googles poster (might be on hold), year 3 trophy, zingoz pop (blue bottum, wacky zingoz 300, wcares balloon, rainy day window, 2 yellow balloons, year 4 trophy, year 4 pic, year 3 pic, husky poster, blue lava, 2 arabian horse psis, alley cat psi, 1 green balloon, gladiator helmet, some coupons too!

Aanp’s Wants: pegasus psi, cheeky cat psi, cheeky dog psi, figurine codes, kinz style, sherbet bunny psi, blue whale psi, goat psi, love puppy psi, cotton candy rabbit psi, sheep psi, purple lava, red lava, purple floral fox psi, floral fox psi, trading card items, charm forest items, WEBKINZ CODES, any retired psi, guinea pig psi, Giant Gift Box, Webkinz Day Countdown, Anything I heartany gift!! 🙂

Aanp’s Haves: some kinz styles, 1,000 kinzcash coin, lots of psis,exclusives, plus way more!

Ask me! 😉

140 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    webkinzunite23 said,

    I really want the year two webkinz pictures and bunny eats from year two and the santa outfit. What do you want ?
    I have the egyptain desk and almost everything from the halloween 07

  2. 2

    webkinzunite23 said,

    Anyone here

  3. 3

    cipmaniac9054 said,

    webkinz unite, my sister says she doent wanna trade

  4. 4

    Billy said,

    ill trade u somthing for ur elaphant fountain, and ur hippo psi

  5. 5

    cipmaniac9054 said,

    billy, my sister says she will trade the hippo psi BUT not the elephant fountain

  6. 6

    Billy said,

    okay what does she want for the hippos psi

    i have 13 Bounce and Burst trophy
    Hockey Lamp
    Loader lounger
    Hockey Couch
    Hockey Table

  7. 7

    cipmaniac9054 said,

    billy, my sister says she will trade u the hippo psi for 2 bounce and burst trophies

  8. 8

    Billy said,

    okay what is her username

  9. 9

    cipmaniac9054 said,

    her username is myprints

  10. 10

    Billy said,

    okay im going to add her tell her to approve Leothelion1920 okay and when she approves me i will send her the Bounce and Burst trophys

  11. 11

    cipmaniac9054 said,

    ok billy im telling her rite now…

  12. 12

    Billy said,

    thanks when she approves me then i will send her the trophies

  13. 13

    Billy said,

    cipmaniac9054 go on ur trading one because i type u on there and pleaz tell me if u want to make the trade

  14. 14

    Billy said,

    i send her i trophys so she just need to send me the gift

  15. 15

    cipmaniac9054 said,

    she just sent

  16. 16

    Billy said,

    okay tell her thanks for the awsome trade 😀

  17. 17

    Billy said,

    what does ur sister want for her pink pony PSI?

    pleaz reply back and tell me what so wants for it.

    thanks 😀

  18. 18

    Billy said,

    what does ur sister want for her pink pony PSI

  19. 19

    Billy said,

    my webkinz trading list
    13 bounce and burst trophies
    Hockey Lamp
    Hockey Couch
    Hockey Table
    Loader lounger
    (i have a lot more this are just the ones i can think of)

  20. 20

    zuzanna15 said,

    hey what would you trade for the hummer?

  21. 21

    ill trade you a bounce in burst trophy for your greasy grill

  22. 22

    Billy said,

    pleaz i really wan to know what do u want for ur reindeer psi
    pleaz let me know

  23. 23

    Billy said,

    what does ur sister want for her grey and white cat psi

  24. 24

    gorrila8 said,

    I will trade you a pink poodle cadilack and a sandwhich table for a grey+white cat psi and a charcoal cat psi

  25. 25

    porfovor914 said,

    i really really really really really really really really want trading card series 1 and 2 stuff i got lots 2 trade!! plz visit PLZ!!

  26. 26

    gorrila8 said,

    Myprints: I can trade u a pink poodle PSI and PSF for a horse PSI and PSF.

    my sister says yes her username is myprints. you mean the brown horse right? her email is

  27. 27

    Billy said,

    what do ur sister want for her purple lava lamp!!!

  28. 28

    libby459 said,

    what does ur sister want for the lava lamp? i really want it! i have the jukebox and the carnival strength tester!

  29. 29

    sorry libby and billy she traded it to webkinzkid

  30. 30

    Sunny said,

    I have the american cocker spaniel racecar, pink poodle car, hot air balloon, and kangaroo car. What would u be willing to trade for one of these cars??? I REALLY NEED THE TEA SERVICE FOR MY BF’S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

  31. 31

    Billy said,

    what does ur sister want for her pink bunny ears pleaz!! let me know that!!

  32. 32

    Billy said,

    also what do aanp’s what for her pegasus psi? pleaz let me know thanks!

  33. 34

    Billy said,

    okay thanks cip i email them! 😉

  34. 35

    porfovor914 said,

    do u have a wordpress and it needs a new header? well come check out and see what my contest is all about!!

  35. 36

    hey i will trade with you for the hummer

    i have um alot of things so pleaze replie

    what does she want

  36. 37

    Arielle said,

    I’ll trade you a Fountain (dont know what its called) and a Disco Ball for your Vortex, please!

    Tell me what you think at my site!


  37. 38

    Siiba said,

    I have a green lava and a blue lava!

  38. 39

    Siiba said,

    Well not really a green lava anymore…
    It got stuck 😦 😥

  39. 40

    KraftyMomOf2 said,

    myprints, do you still have the card suit coffee table for trading?

  40. 41

    hi this is myprints and yes i do still have it! we can trade at gymbos or here what suits you! please reply!

  41. 42

    KraftyMomOf2 said,

    that is the one that goes to the gamers theme, the wood looking one??

  42. 43

    well yes it goes to gamers theme. it has spades and the other stuff on the top in white and is dark brown i think.

  43. 44

    kraftymomof2 said,

    excellent, yes I would like to trade for that please… anywhere is fine, you are trustworthy, right?? 😉

  44. 45

    I really need the Basset hound pet item. Please tell me what you want!!!

  45. 46

    KraftyMomOf2 said,

    don’t forget I would like to trade for the coffee table… it is a gift for KG so shhhh don’t tell

  46. 47

    Oh, drats! I don’t have anything on your list…. =”[

  47. 48

    KraftyMomOf2 said,


    do you still have the card suti coffee table that we were talking about trading? I would also like to trade for your otter PSI, chimp PSI please and thank you! 😀

  48. 49

    KraftyMomOf2 said,

    I think I have your lists mixed up

  49. 50

    I will do anything for the brown cow pet item!

  50. 51

    I will give you my blue lava and my fire fox stove! oh please!!! And I really really need the brown Arabian horse PSI!!

  51. 52

    And I really really need the brown Arabian horse PSI!! And For that I’ll give you my Rhino PSI

  52. 53

    Kraftymom I dont have otter psi or chimp.

  53. 54

    OK this is my trade list-

    Banana Hammock

    Rabbit PSI

    Jelly Bean Tree

    Giant feather Chair

  54. 55


    Below decks wall paper

    webkinz cares balloon

  55. 56

    oh, and every Valentine 2009 items

  56. 57

    you still have the brown cow?

  57. 58

    Tillie said,

    i really need it

  58. 59

    I have it! Wait dont you have firefox psi.

  59. 60

    Tillie said,

    no!!! i got a hot tub tho.

    i’ll givr you ther hot tub gor the Brwon cow PSI and the basset hound PSI

  60. 61

    Tillie said,

    wow so many spelling erros. lol

  61. 62

    alg1128 said,

    ooooo i need the brown cow psi , if u want to trade items go to my webkinznoes blog to the trading page

  62. 63

    Tillie~ Hmm i dont really need a hot tub………

  63. 65

    Alg~ Wow you have lots of bunny ears. (need em!!!) I dont have any. 😦

  64. 66

    I dont know who to trade brown cow psi to!!!!!!

  65. 67

    Tillie said,

    oh i got the brown cow thing!!! I need the basset houng thing

  66. 69

    Tillie said,

    i just got the basset hound thing. Sorry

  67. 71

    KraftyMomOf2 said,

    I’d like to trade for the grey and white cat PSI

  68. 72

    Ok! I still have that psi.

  69. 73

    KraftyMomOf2 said,

    yeah… I have a 2007 Christmas Tree, whacky zingoz trophy, year 2 print, cash cow trophy, undersea porthole, greasy grill

    I have a bookmark giftbag too

  70. 74

    OK grey white cat psi. Its in one of my rooms.

  71. 75

    KraftyMomOf2 said,

    I will need to list what I have for trade again as it has changed but I would still like the grey/white cat PSI please

  72. 76

    KraftyMomOf2 said,

    I have an ice cream tree, windmill, ambulance, antique street lamp, W pond, we cares clock, cow PSI

  73. 77

    oooh i have the ice cream tree but they are always cool

  74. 78

    KraftyMomOf2 said,

    I still have the ice cream tree… is that a trade then? I will save it till I hear from you

    I almost was able to trade for a love pond and … oh something else really great but the trade room glitched and said log out and back in and your items will be in your dock, they weren’t… crud

  75. 79

    OK but do you want anything else of mine cuz ice cream tree is worth more than gray white cat psi

  76. 80

    KraftyMomOf2 said,

    I will look at your list again.. 😀

  77. 81

    KraftyMomOf2 said,

    I like the caramel lion PSI, blue lava, alley cat window, basset hound PSI and your card suit coffee table

    what even would make it even or if I can trade more for more of the items I like of yours 😀

    I could part with my skunk fridge too if need be

  78. 82

    KraftyMomOf2 said,

    I also have a windmill I could part with for trade

  79. 83

    Hmm maybe you give me the ice cream tree and i give you alley cat window, grey & white cat psi? Let me check WI.

  80. 84

    KraftyMomOf2 said,

    yeppers, let me know 😀

  81. 85

    Kraftymom~ the ice cream tree is about 20000 or 25000 or 30000. Here is the link to WI and WI GEV.

  82. 86

    The alley cat psi is about 4000 i guess and it doesnt say the gray white cat psi. 😕

  83. 87

    Well HUH thats really odd. the gray white cat psi is retired right? it is under not retireds. i guess that would be 4000~5000.

    Here is the link

  84. 88

    KraftyMomOf2 said,

    so those two are about half the ice cream tree value if I understand right?? O.o

    if that is right… is it possible to trade more items? don’t want to take everything you have… I could throw in my 10 year old too!! hehe

  85. 89

    Hmm maybe hmmm do you have any more items that is less than the ice cream tree????

  86. 90

    KraftyMomOf2 said,

    I have a grandfather clock, 2007 sparkling Christmas Tree, the rope covered foot locker from the vacation, rainyday window, red propeller plane, W pond, antique lamp post, the black and white cow PSI milk truck

  87. 91

    Hmm i dont see anything i really want but i sorta like ice cream tree but i would have to part with a lot of items. Its really valuable.

  88. 92

    KraftyMomOf2 said,

    would it be possible to do the grey cat PSI and the card suit coffee table?

  89. 93

    Umm well i think ice cream tree is worth more

  90. 94

    KraftyMomOf2 said,

    what about the grey cat PSI, card suit coffee table, caramel lion PSI? does that come close?

  91. 95

    Im not sure. Im going on vacation so we wont be able to trade for a few days. Seeya sunday night maybe???

  92. 96

    KraftyMomOf2 said,

    aww that is a long time to wait!! hehe

    have a great time, bring me something!! lol

  93. 97

    KraftyMomOf2 said,

    anymore thoughts on this trade, pretty please?

  94. 98

    Aloha321 said,

    Hey myprints and aanp it’s Aloha321 (Gabby). Can you meet me at the girls room at the clubhouse tommorrow at 4:50? Thankz Bye!! 🙂

  95. 100

    20pie said,

    I AM HTF

  96. 101

    Aloha321 said,

    Waz Up Camo Aloha321! :p :p

  97. 102

    KraftyMomOf2 said,

    what does HTF mean?

  98. 103

    Krafty~ Those are my friends

  99. 104

    KraftyMomOf2 said,

    coolies!! 😀

    ok, so tell the old lady, what does HTF mean?? hehe

  100. 105

    Oh thts her intials

  101. 106

    KraftyMomOf2 said,

    ah ha hahaha I would never have figured that out…

    duh on me

    is our trade still in negotiations? 😀

  102. 108

    the ice cream is worth more than alley cat and grey white cat psi. I guess i might be able to add somrthing but it probably eont be equal still.

  103. 109

    KraftyMomOf2 said,

    is it possible to somehow include the card suit coffee table?

  104. 110

    KraftyMomOf2 said,

    😀 😀 😀

  105. 111

    myprints said,

    OK let me checkk WW

  106. 112

    myprints said,

    I could put in:

    alley cat window

    grey white cat psi

    card suit table

    and if you would like something else ask me!

  107. 113

    myprints said,

    Did you want caramel lion psi too?

  108. 114

    myprints said,

    so the 2 psis equal to about 9000 or 8000 and ill see how much the table is worth.

  109. 115

    myprints said,

    Cant find it on WI. Isnt it rare? idk

  110. 116

    KraftyMomOf2 said,

    the table should be with the TC2 cards? I think…

    I would love to have the caramel lion PSI, it is a great piece


    hope ya’ll had a super holiday

  111. 117

    myprints said,

    I did have a great easter. OK i will check.

  112. 118

    myprints said,

    5000~6000 for the card suit coffee table.

  113. 119

    myprints said,

    1300 or 1400 now if you put

    the alley cat psi

    the card suit coffee table

    the grey white cat psi

    i think thts right

  114. 120

    KraftyMomOf2 said,

    okee dokee 😀

    if we can trade for the caramel lion piece too that would be great, have to see what else I have for that trade

  115. 121

    KraftyMomOf2 said,

    thanks for the great trade, hope you feel it was a good one! let me know if otherwise

  116. 122

    ~Tillie~ said,

    I have the unicorn bed for trade. Want it ?? 🙂

  117. 123

    KraftyMomOf2 said,

    who are you offering it to and what would you like for it?

  118. 124

    myprints (myprints) said,

    I would. Kraftymomof2 can trade for it first. 🙂

  119. 125

    ~Tillie~ said,

    Well, anyone who want’s it really 🙂

  120. 126

    KraftyMomOf2 said,

    I hope you get a good trade! enjoy

  121. 127

    KraftyMomOf2 said,

    I think myprints was in line first… 😀

  122. 128

    Its OK Kraftymomof2. I just got 1 last night too.


  123. 129

    You can trade for it first. I do not know if I will be needing another unicorn psi.

  124. 130

    KraftyMomOf2 said,

    wow how lucky, congrats!!

  125. 131

    hmm. . . . what do ya got ther krafty?

  126. 132

    Kinzlover88 said,

    is this updated?

  127. 133

    Well mine is pretty updated and I haven’t finished it yert

  128. 134

    Kinzlover88 said,

    myprints- i have the spotty dino and the albino PSI

    i want;
    groundhog PSI
    zebra PSI

    aanp- i have the sheep PSI

  129. 135

    aanp (aanp) said,

    I really need to update!
    Kinzlover88~ What do you want? I have many items….. I kinda like the sheep psi it isn’t my fav want anymore

  130. 136

    Kinzlover~ well I can trade the groudhog psi idk bout the zebra. Is groundhog for albino good, fair?

  131. 137

    littleleaf32 said,

    KL- Can I have the zebra PSI?

  132. 138

    LL~ I have the zebra psi and I’m not sure If I’m trading it.

  133. 139

    littleleaf32 said,

    Oh, well if you don’t want to trade it that’s okay too.
    Myprint: Can I have your purple goldfish psi.

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