Guys were got 1 comment on the contest so its closed now.
We really have to get our hits up like we lost them some how cuz we just got like 500 comments ?? I guess I’ll go advertise cuz maybe thats why 😕

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Lucky Winner

A very lucky winner will win a prize all you have to do is COMMENT!!!!

Comment to 150


Add me (myprints)

No complaining

No bad words

No advertising

At least 3 words in a comment

This contest ends on Saturday

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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Contest Is Over

I will post the winners as I go!! We also need a worker that will post often and comment and help out a lot!



Kraftymomof2~ Yellow & Pink (Lioness Psi & Dex Space Fighter) SENT!!!

Kinzgramatheart~ Silver (Knight Of Round Armor) SENT!!!

Webkinznotes~ Yellow (Dex Space Fighter) SENT!!!

Naki~ Green (Schnauzer Psi) (I will send tomorrow!!!)

Sorry if I didn’t scroll down that much. Sometimes I made some mistakes like landing on my name or my cursor was on the side or someone didn’t put at least 3 words in their comments.

Myprints 😀


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Colorful Contest

Ok here is another contest!

Ends at 500 comments!

You have to say a color in your comment and I will send you a prize that is that color.

I will pick the comments by scrolling down and stopping on a random comment. (I might stop a bit in the middle but then keep going)

There will be 5 (now 5 not 10) winners.


No bad words

No fighting

Be appreciative

No advertising

3 or more words in each comment

Have fun!


 Please don’t put a weird color so I can’t send you a prize.



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Posting LOL

I’m bored…… alg we will send ur prize soon sorry for the delay! Please keep coming here and have fun with us!


Congratz Kraftymomof2! You won 3 choco eggs and two tees! Did your daughter get the lip gloss code from the switcharoo contest yet?

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OK here is a small comment contest to get the views up!


Comment 20~ Royal Red Carpet

Comment 40~ 3 chocolate eggs

Comment 60~ good fairy & bad fairy tees

Thats all for this contest. Sorry they aren’t the best but a just did a tiny contest.


No complaining

Be nice

No bad words

3 words min per comment

Have fun!

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We are changing our blog layout and header and widgets plus more! I hope you like the new look!

I saw a pet and thought maybe it was the buffalo. But I guess it could be the brown cow. Anyways here it is:

Buffalo are not

Here is a webkinz pictures I did:

Cheeky Buddy Friends


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