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Pet 2my-clothes-entery





Ok this is a contest that you have to send youre pet wearing an outfit online! Everyone will be voting just like the room contest we did in March. Please send the online pet’s pictures to and don’t send us junk emails please. It doesnt have to be all kinzstyle. Please make the pictures jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, doc, ppt, odt, pptx, docx. And please put them in attachments in the email. The prize will be awarded to the person who follows the rules and gets the most votes. You only need 4 pieces of clothing out of the six. You can do all six. Here are examples:casual-pink




Contest Ends: May 10th

Thanks and if you wanna look at our new webbies and stuff go here

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Pictures Of My New Pets

Here are the pictures of aanp’s and my new pets:

Rough Rio (my zebra) and Miss Peachy Pie (my pink poodle)



Twix (aanp’s jack russell) and Miss Mimi (aanp’s white terrier)


Here are their bios:










My laptop is working! Some button was set wrong or something. All of my computers are working. I am glad.

Here are some prizes aanp and I won for the webkinz extravaganza:







Aanp and I both got the blueberry lip gloss. These lip gloss codes might be prizes in future contests! 😕

I am going to surf the club house to see if anyone has some upcoming webkinz.

Here are the pictures if I get any luck:

jeans-and-gkrdht I think those are WZ jeans.

cute-emerald-pup-todayEmerald Pup I spotted today!

Seeya Later

Myprints & Aanp 🙂

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Winners For The Jungle Contest

Ok here are the winners~

Alg~ Leopard psi, Gecko Psi, Lion Hat, and Kangaroo Psi SENT

Kraftymomof2~ Food Combo and Tiger Psi SENT

JD~ Aztec Calender SENT

I will send the prizes very soon!

The internet hasn’t been working on now 2 of our computers.  So don’t be alarmed if we aren’t on for a bit (dad is gonna try to se what the problem is)  (working on dad’s computer, my dad uses it a lot so won’t be able to use it for a the week days 😦 I hope the other computer’s internet work soon)

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New post! With contest!



OK for the other contest. We werent clear on derictions cuz you should do it like this:

1st guess~ Koala and Bear

2nd guess~ Unicorn and Penguin

Sorry! So sorry! It ended now so. Princess got the closest when she said cat.

Please dont comment under that contest anymore cuz you might get the correct answers. Here are the correct answers anyway: Black and White Cat and Charcoal Cat.  Is it fair if Princess wins?

Sorry for the confusion. Here is the jungle contest:

Comment 109~ Food Combo~ Tiger PSF and Lioness PSF and Elephant PSF (myprints)

Winner for the food combo~~~~~~ KRAFTYMOMOF2 CONGRATZ!!!!!!!

Comment 176~ Tiger PSI (myprints)

Winner for the tiger psi~~~~~~~~~ KRAFTYMOMOF2 CONGRATZ!!!!!

Comemnt 267~ Kangaroo PSI (myprints)

Winner for the kangaroo psi~~~~~~~~ALG CONGRATZ!!!!!

Comemnt 300~ Gecko PSI (myprints)

Winner for the gecko psi~~~~~~~ALG CONGRATZ!!!!!!

Comment 389~ Lion Costume Hat and Koala Food (aanp)

Winner for lion hat~~~~~~~ ALG CONGRATZ!!!!

Comment 434~ Leopard PSI (aanp)

Winner for leopard psi~~~~~~ ALG CONGRATZ!!!!

Comment 501~ Aztec Calendar (aanp)

Winner for aztec calender~~~~ JD CONGRATZ!!!!

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New Contest!

Sorry nobody guessed the correct answer so far and we haven’t had many people on so I’m just gonna end it. In two hours it’ll be Saturday so it would’ve ended soon. Sorry. I think the contest was a bit difficult anyway since you can’t use the my page.

JUNGLE WEEKS! We changed our header to match the theme we picked! We are going to have fun filled contests with cool prizes!!!!

FIRST CONTEST will be held tomorrow (if I have time! Sorry)

Good Night (really sorry about other contest)

Comment to 150

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Next Post

You guys, my good friend Lizzie is going to quit if she doesn’t get more hits. She has done everything she can to make a great blog but sadly, no one comes. 😦 so please, go to thanks,


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Some Fantastic Newz! Plus Another Contest!



Thanks Gymbo! These are wonderful pics! Please go to This is where I got these pictures! Its a very very cool blog! You will have so much fun there because the admins are soooo kind!

Here are some pics of upcoming webkinz:

oriole_plushThe Oriole Bird

2v8jqxlJune’s Signature Pet (Golden Retirever)



What was aanp and my 31st webkinz? Please dont go on our my pages! Its OK if you did it for the other contest. You only have to guess the kind of webkinz not the name. Example: Bull frog.

Prize: Sparkle Plant! Closest person will win!

Hint: they’re land animals and they can’t fly.

Only 2 pairs of 2 guesses in all Example: Frog and Tiger and Koala and alligator.

Ends: Saturday April 25th




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Alg Is The Winner

Myprints and I have exactly 92 webkinz together!!!!

We will send ur prize later (I gotta go)


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Mini Contest

Here is a mini contest! You will have to guess how many webkinz aanp and I have TOGETHER!!!! The first person that guesses closest to the real answer will win. The winning prize is 1000 kinz cash coin. You have a few hints.

Hints: We both have the same amont and we have more than 45 webkinz together.



1 guess per person please

No bad words

Be nice

Dont do guesses over 150

This contest ends April 22 and after that date please no more guesess

Have a fantastic time!



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Contest Over!!!!

Thank You for participating in the contest!

I know it was supposed to end at comment 500 but the two prizes already have been won!

Surprise Comments!!!

253 hummer~ llj11 (SENT)

407 beagle psi~ KinzGramAtHeart (SENT)



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