Stories about myprint’s and aanp’s kinz

This is going to be about myprint’s kinz and my kinz! We will make up stories to tell you and we hope you will like them ūüôā ! Also when you comment you can tell us your stories you made for your webkinz! Or say thats awesome or good job! Please tell us stories myprints and I would love to hear them!

Thanks aanp


Hi this is myprints with a webkinz story i made up!

Raisin goes shopping

by myprints

Raisin a chuhuahua went shopping for a gift for her friend Marshmallow the persian cat. It was Marshmallow’s birthday and said she wanted a kinzstyle ballerina outfit. Raisin went to the stylin shop and talked to the pink poodle clerk. She asked if they had a ballerina outfit. The clerk nodded. So she bought it for Marshmallow. The next day she went to to the party. They played go fish and bowling. She had the best time and Marshmallow loved the ballerina outfit.

¬† Here’s another story:
                                             The webkinz Christmas parade
                                              I made this story.
¬†¬†Mango the seahorse didnt like the winter season. The other webkinz on myprints and aanp’s accounts liked the winter season. Whitney the albino horse espiecially liked it. She put ribbons everywhere and she put up a Christmas tree. She said that the webkinz should have a parade for the special season. Joy the pink poodle, Blizzard the terrier, and Roxy the lil persian kitty¬†voluntered to be¬†the dancers in the parade. Hershey the choco lab, Scott the clydstale, and Spice the beagle wanted to be the drummers.
Whitney was happy that a lot of webkinz wanted to be in the perfect parade!
But Whitney wanted Mango to be a singer she was a great singer! But Mango said “it was to cold outside to have this parade.”¬†Whitney wanted it to be outside and enjoy the winter season.¬†Finally Mango said ” Ill do it”.
The parade was the best eva! After the parade they had a big feast!
Mango said “I guess winter is all right”.¬†
THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here is another story:
Christmas Eve Party
by myprints
My webkinz enjoyed Christmas. It was Christmas Eve today so they were so excited and they decorated the house even more!! There were tinsel everywhere and tons of ornaments on the huge tree! Raisin the chuahua and Popcorn the poodle were putting ribbons in every room. Libby the black cat and Rose the lil cocker spainel were wrapping presents.  Shamu the orca whale and Victoria the lil trigger fish were putting tiny trees on every table.  Candy the hippo, Cotton candy the pink pony, Millie the siamese, India the tiger, Bean the bull frog,  and Puddles the yellow lab were
dressing up for the party! It was crazy in Myprints”s house. Noel the reindeer was in charge of it all. She loved this season a lot. When all the guests came for the party the house was clean and decorated. Every webkinz enjoyed this party. It was a¬†sucess!
April Showers Bring May Flowers
by myprints & aanp



This saying started when it was a pouring day. Miss Peachy Pie’s Great Great Great Great Great ¬†Grandmother¬†was staring at the storm clouds. It was the end of April and she was not excited that it was raining. She saw a tiny little blossom that bloomed. It was small and fuscia. It looked lonely just sitting there sagging low. She walked to bed. She awoke in the morning and it was May! Would it rain today? She looked outside to see a huge big tulip. It looked the same as the little one last night. How could of it grown so big just over a few hours? She walked outside to see more big flowers. She could make her own house out of these. My mother called me inside. “Pack your bag for school don’t be late!” She said. I grabbed my luch and stuffed it in my bag and got my slate and folders and did the same. I walked outside with my school uniform dress and shoes. I glanced at the flowers once more and skipped my way to school. I entered the my school and ran to my classroom. I was excited! We were doing an experiment today. I waved my paw to my friends and sat down. First, we learned some math then we did reading and social studies. We were learning about the world in social studies. “Pretty boring,” I sighed under my breath. Finally she got out the test tubes and supplies. She gave the directions and then we started. She said to mix some liquids together but I had a better idea. I had taken a little seed of the plants in my yard and dropped it in the test tube. I put some water in and watched. It grew and grew. I embarrassedly¬†i don’t have a webkinz camel¬†put my hand over the test so no¬†one would see. I carried it over to my bag and put the growing flower in. I was very good at poems so later that day I wrote a little one about the big flowers. It was: April showers bring May flowers. Thats how that saying started.



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    myprints said,

    make your own webkinz story too! i wanna hear your stories bet they are awesome! ūüôā ūüėÄ

  2. 2

    all these stories i made up btw!

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    jennepiy said,

    Hi everyone! ūüėÄ
    Im new to
    Hope I can be a regular here!

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